Take a peak at a journal of a part-time fine art wedding photographer

Is it possible to be good at something and only do it part-time? Some say not, I say YES! To me, being a full time wedding photographer could be daunting. I LOVE shooting weddings and feel that if I do 2-3 per year I am in a good place.

Each bride and groom are special to me. I develop a relationship with each and every one of them. Take a look at what I think and feel about how I approach this side profession. You will see that every occasion is seen through pure eyes and is shot straight from the heart.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A blob of inspiration

Emmet Gowin photography

A true influence. I even named my cat after him. Take a look....

I am not sure why I am so influenced or in awe of his work. Maybe because it is so varried and not really predictable. Emmet tends to try new things until something successful happens. His carefree approach brings me back to my college days when I did not have a style yet...yet he does have a style, I'm just not sure what it is or how to describe it. All I know is that I like it!

Friday, March 11, 2011

The love & _____ of it

Some people just really dislike shooting weddings. Why is that? Too stressful? I have had great experiences shooting weddings. I believe you get beck what you put into it. I go with a positive attitude and I usually get one back. No doubt there is always someone at a wedding (usually 40 yrs.+ male) checking out your equipment making sure you are legit. This is the same person who asks you a complicated mathematical pixelation equation to see if you are able to compute within seconds. That is when I ask them if THEY want to do the job! 

Honestly, I love the challenge of sincerely relating to the camera geek, grandma, the ring bearer, and the caterers. I feel there is a little bit of each kind of person who works or goes to a wedding in me. I love to find that essence and capture it. Simple. Maybe I am just crazy, but I love shooting weddings.