Take a peak at a journal of a part-time fine art wedding photographer

Is it possible to be good at something and only do it part-time? Some say not, I say YES! To me, being a full time wedding photographer could be daunting. I LOVE shooting weddings and feel that if I do 2-3 per year I am in a good place.

Each bride and groom are special to me. I develop a relationship with each and every one of them. Take a look at what I think and feel about how I approach this side profession. You will see that every occasion is seen through pure eyes and is shot straight from the heart.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The love & _____ of it

Some people just really dislike shooting weddings. Why is that? Too stressful? I have had great experiences shooting weddings. I believe you get beck what you put into it. I go with a positive attitude and I usually get one back. No doubt there is always someone at a wedding (usually 40 yrs.+ male) checking out your equipment making sure you are legit. This is the same person who asks you a complicated mathematical pixelation equation to see if you are able to compute within seconds. That is when I ask them if THEY want to do the job! 

Honestly, I love the challenge of sincerely relating to the camera geek, grandma, the ring bearer, and the caterers. I feel there is a little bit of each kind of person who works or goes to a wedding in me. I love to find that essence and capture it. Simple. Maybe I am just crazy, but I love shooting weddings.

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