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Is it possible to be good at something and only do it part-time? Some say not, I say YES! To me, being a full time wedding photographer could be daunting. I LOVE shooting weddings and feel that if I do 2-3 per year I am in a good place.

Each bride and groom are special to me. I develop a relationship with each and every one of them. Take a look at what I think and feel about how I approach this side profession. You will see that every occasion is seen through pure eyes and is shot straight from the heart.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Us!

I concentrate on everyone else's wedding bliss and potential martial success, so why not focus on me! Or US, I should say. Andy and I have been married for 10 years and together for 18. I know what it takes to have a successful marriage. It is a job in itself. Like the reading says: Love is not selfish. This is true. Our wedding was less than perfect, being only a few weeks after 9/11. The food was excellent, the caterers were not. The music was unplanned and so were the dances. Over all it was OUR day and it didn't really matter. One of the best things was this amazing photo of us taken with a 4x5 view camera by the amazingly talented Lawrence Lewis. I had close friends shoot our wedding since we all got our BFA's in photography, I thought "what could go wrong"? Well, I do not recommend this. They did a fine job but it does take a certain skill to capture the day. A learned "event picture-taking" skill, not just photographic talent. Yet Larry didn't have to run around and capture crazy moments that day, just us. And he did. Thanks to Larry.

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